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For most of us, excess hair is an unattractive burden, and we want to get rid of it. There are many options for getting rid of unwanted hair, but waxing is one of the best. It gives complete hairlessness for longer than shaving, without ingrown hairs or stubble. It is also better for your skin than shaving, which can dry out your skin, cause razor burn and even razor cuts. Waxing can be used on all parts of the body.

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Services We Offer

At our office, our trained estheticians specialize in:

We offer waxing for men and women who want to achieve a hairless appearance, reduce the amount of hair they have, or shape the hair they have.

Benefits of Waxing

Woman with smooth skin from waxingWaxing is one of the best methods for removing unwanted hair.

Shaving is tedious and does not give long-lasting results. Hair is shaved essentially at the level of the skin, and it continues growing, so you end up with stubble almost immediately. Waxing removes hair below the skin, so you end up with a longer period of hairlessness. It even eliminates the spotting of hair that remains after shaving.

Shaving can be hard on your skin. Although it may have some benefit as an exfoliant, the chemicals in many shaving creams can damage and dry your skin. The scraping can result in razor burns, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Waxing isn’t hard on the skin at all, it’s a superior exfoliant, and it can even be formulated to give the skin some additional nutrients.

Electrolysis can permanently remove your hair, but it is very tedious, takes a long time, and is extremely painful. Waxing is quick and new techniques and technology make it nearly painless.

Laser hair removal is another good hair removal option. Its results are even longer-lasting than waxing, although they are not as complete. It gives permanent hair reduction, and the hairs that remain are thinner and paler.

Don’t let the razor become your only method for getting rid of hair, especially on sensitive parts of your body. Instead, come to our office for waxing services that will leave you with clean, smooth skin that lasts for weeks. To get started, clients can contact our offices in Spokane (509-532-1111) or Spokane Valley (509-927-2273) by phone or email.