Spokane Hand Care

Many of us neglect to take proper care of our hands; even though they are one of the most worked and sometimes overworked body part. Our hands are used on a daily basis for menial activities, such as holding a pen to write, eating, opening doors and so on. At the same time, hands can also be used to complete tough tasks that can be strenuous and damaging to the skin. All of this can cause the hands to become dry, damaged, cracked and rough.

With our hand-care services, which include anti-aging and cosmetic care, you can finally give your hands the love and care they require. With proper pampering, you can receive the needed hand care to protect your hard working fingers and palms.

Anti-Aging Hand Care

Beautiful woman's handsWhile many assume the face is the first place to show signs of aging, the hands have actually proved to be the most susceptible. Believe it or not, the skin on the backs of your hands is a lot thinner than the skin on your face and is therefore much more likely to be damaged. Due to the lack of fat on the hands, the smallest amount of collagen or elastin break down, along with the natural aging process and sun exposure, can cause wrinkly, rough and crepe-like textured skin.

With our anti-aging hand care, creams and serums are applied and massaged into your hands to promote new collagen formation and offer protection from the sun. When your hands remain protected and moisturized, signs of aging can be reduced.

Cosmetic Hand Care

Cosmetic hand care is another important part of having healthy beautiful hands. What good are nice hands if you don’t have the cosmetic side to go along with it? Nice hands should be complimented with cosmetic hand care; and, at our office, we offer a variety of hand care services meant specifically for cosmetic purposes. Read all about our Gelish chip free polish treatments to see just how lovely we can make your hands.

Paraffin Wax Hand Dipping and Facial Treatments

Paraffin wax has proved to be an effective material that can be used for both hand dipping and facial treatments with the aim of restoring and improving the skin. When using paraffin wax, the treated area is cleansed and a hydrating cream is applied. The hands are then immersed into the paraffin a few times to ensure an even and full coat. For facial treatments, the paraffin is applied manually. With paraffin, the idea is to create a warm thick paraffin glove that is kept on the hand for upwards of 15 minutes. When the paraffin is removed, the treated area will feel much softer in texture and will have a more natural glow to it.
Paraffin wax hand dipping and facial treatments have also proved to be effective in relieving common aches and pains. As the heated paraffin wax comes into direct contact with the skin, it soothes and relaxes the muscles in the hands and the face.

Do you want softer and more youthful looking hands? If so, call or email us to learn more about the hand care services we offer. Don’t let your hands go neglected any longer! While you’re restoring youth in your hands, you should also look into our facial treatments. Call us in Spokane at 509-532-1111 or in Spokane Valley at 509-927-2273. You can also email us.