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Angie Travis

Angie Travis
Angie Travis and sons

Angie Travis has been working with Dr. Collins for 14 years. Though she hasn’t always been our esthetician, she has always been a caring and energetic member of our team, and we’ve always been very happy to have her.

Services she offers include:

Angie has always been very passionate about aesthetics and cosmetic procedures. When asked about starting her new position at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, she said, “I’m so excited to start this new adventure and helping people feel pretty :).”

Angie is a native of Spokane. She is married and has two little boys.

Why You Should See an Esthetician

An esthetician is a trained and licensed skin care technician. They are experts in skin care and belong to a professional community dedicated to helping people get the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible. They have a strict code of ethics and strive to live up to it and give their clients the best care available.

An esthetician is not a dermatologist—a skin doctor—so they can’t prescribe medicine for skin conditions, but they are very skilled in managing many skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. They also offer benefits that dermatologists don’t offer. Here are some of the main reasons why you should see an esthetician.

Get Personal Attention for Your Skin

An esthetician’s sole focus is on you and your skin. For the time you are visiting your esthetician, you will discuss your skin and seek to find solution to the problems that are bothering you, prevent new problems from coming up, and address issues that you may not yet be aware of.

Time spent with an esthetician tends to be longer than the time spent with a dermatologist or any other doctor, giving you lots of opportunities to bring up all your concerns and discuss the best ways to approach them. And because it’s usually social time—estheticians are also masters at helping you feel comfortable and welcome—you will feel more comfortable bringing up things you might not otherwise discuss.

Get Expert Advice on Skin Care

Of course, what skin treatment the esthetician gives is only a small fraction of the care and attention your skin needs. But an esthetician can have an even bigger impact on the health and appearance of your skin through the advice they give on what skin care products and techniques work best. Their advice draws not only on their own training, but also on the combined experience of their patients. They have recommended products to patients for years and talked about the results. They know when products really live up to the hype and when they don’t.

Access to Unique Procedures

You can do things like facials at home, but there are also many products and procedures you won’t have access to on your own. An esthetician can help you find just the treatment your skin needs and perform it so that you can have the great-looking skin you desire.

An Opportunity to Relax

How often in your life do you have the opportunity to just lean back and let someone else take care of you? This is something estheticians do all the time. Stress is damaging to your skin, and part of their dedication to your skin’s health is a commitment to helping you relax. Enjoy the luxuriousness of being fussed over and the positive impact it has on your skin and overall health.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of seeing an esthetician, please contact Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics today.

Dr. Ken Collins

Dr. Ken Collins with his wife and partner, Dr. Marnie CollinsDr. Kenneth Collins is an expert in cosmetic dentistry, and he continues to strive to learn the latest procedures and technologies available for preserving and improving your smile. He has been featured as part of the Spokane Makeover Team for his ability to rejuvenate smiles. He was also selected as a clinical instructor at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies so he could pass on his skills and knowledge.

Dr. Marnie Collins

Dr. Marnie Collins is also a skilled cosmetic dentist, though her main interests in dentistry include orthodontics and family dentistry.

To learn more about what makes out aesthetic team special, please contact Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics today for an appointment at our Spokane or Spokane Valley office. We can also be reached by phone at 509-532-1111 (for Spokane) or 509-927-2273 (for Spokane Valley.)